A History Of Growth And Innovation & Investment Opportunities

We have always relied on our ability to forsee risk and to seize upon investment opportunity when it presents itself. It is this combination that has steered us well, allowing our members year on year to recommend us to colleagues and friends alike.

The Begining
Starting with modest investments from 100k-150k we rapidly were able to invest in property at a time when the Financial crisis had just hit. Although most others were slowing their acquisitions down at this time we knew that our ability to push forward and see the potential after the crisis would serve our long term investment well. These investments have now tripled (x3) in value.

Initial investment in Cryptocurrency
By buying $1,000 in bitcoins in January, 2011, we benefited from a low market value of 30 cents per bitcoin and received a total of 3333.33 bitcoins for their initial purchase.

European Real Estate Renaissance
A strong quarter for retail real estate investment in Europe, as the Q2 volume reached €9.6bn, up 86% from the Q2 2013 volume of €5.2bn. The first half volume of €16.4bn is 44% ahead of the first half of 2013, and 35% above the 5 year first half average.

A Diverse Portfolio
With an ever growing client base, representatives in 3 countries and a expanding and vibrant portfolio. The Utopian Investors Group are venturing out further with new projects in residential city centre properties in Poland, land acquisition in northern and southern europe and Industry leading ICO’S in e-sports and eco energy. We are happy to have formed this group to give our insight to investors living in Cyprus & Overseas