The World’s Most Secure Blockchain Phone – Now available in the Republic of Cyprus, brought to you by The Utopian Investors Group.

Blockchain Phone European Union

It’s The Dawn Of A New Era” Buy your FINNEY Today!

*Google Certified Ultra Secure Modification of Android

*State of the Art Technology

*Token Conversion Service – Crypto Transactions on the Fly

*Encrypted Calls and Messages

*Embedded Cold Storage Wallet with Safe Screen

*Unparralled Cyber Security Suite *Intrusion Prevention System

*Learn & Earn Program through the dCENTER – DApp Nation

*Qualcomn Snapdragon 845 Chipset

*128 GB Storage


The FINNEY phone came out today at a launch event in Barcelona.

The $999 phone is the first of its kind, integrating blockchain technology at its core in order that its users may can securely use blockchain products.

blockchain phone cyprus FINNEY_spec_1712-1

The phone runs on SirinOS, which is a fork of Android with the express intention of more deeply integrating blockchain capabilities and a decentralized application (“dApp”) marketplace. It sports a secondary screen called a “safe screen” which is two inches in size and allows the user to securely access a built-in cold storage wallet. In shape and design, it is not unlike the SOLARIN.

True to their word, those who purchase the FINNEY with SRN tokens will receive a 10% discount today. The token was trading at around ten cents Thursday morning.


Speaking of Apple, Sirin has gone into business with the same manufacturer as Apple, using Foxconn to mass-produce the world’s first blockchain phone on the market. In an interview with CCN, SIRIN CMO Nimrod May said:

“By choosing Foxconn to build the FINNEY, we’re demonstrating the public’s desire to have a mass-market smartphone that is able to safely and securely operate within blockchain and cryptocurrencies.”


There are inherent limitations to requiring every application installation to have a separate wallet implementation, and so forth. SIRIN’s phone seems to be one effort in reducing this friction – with crypto built in at the core, developers will now have a target device replete with a decentralized applications market to get listed in.

Whether or not the FINNEY is a successful product, the introduction of a fully-developed crypto OS for phones is an important milestone for cryptocurrency as a whole. Having the blockchain phone available already in Cyprus is a huge boost to the European Union.


There was a time when $999 would sound like too much for a phone, even an executive-class phone which puts next-generation financial management solutions in one’s pocket, but these days it is a price point which can be considered competitive when all of the features, unique and industry-standard, are considered. The FINNEY sports a 12MP camera, 128GB built-in storage (expandable), the noted “safe screen,” the ability to run regular apps from Android, and, of course, a world of possibilities through the decentralized applications forthcoming.

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