The Future of Wave Energy

With the funding secured, The Wave Project will be able to execute projects in it’s’ pipe line and take significant steps for the global commercialization of wave energy.

In 2019 they will take the efforts to complete the development of their IoT Monitoring system for all of their assets and connect it with the Blockchain Technology in 2020.

Innovative Green Energy
Wave Enery offers eco-friendly and efficient energy production with no environmental impact.

Using Patented & Applied Tech
Wave Energies unique methods for electricity production are already deployed globally.

Blockchain Based System
We want to build a Blockchain P2P Energy Ecosystem for renewable energy trading.

Access to Electricity

  • 1.6 billion people – one-fourth of the world’s population – currently have little or no access to electricity.
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Air pollution caused by the use of traditional fuels exposes billions of people, especially women and children, to significant health risks.
  • Damage to Ecosystem
  • The extraction of commercial fuels like coal and oil is often highly damaging to local ecosystems and becomes a cause for environmental pollution.


wave energy green energy cyprus

The Story of The Wave Energy Project
Wave Energy is an advanced and innovative international wave power developer headquartered in the Easter Med, with subsidiaries in South America, Far East, and Meditereanean. The company, established in 2011, created a new competitive wave energy technology.

Founded in 2011
The research began at the Hydro-Mechanic Institute in Kiev, where a handful of designs were originally tested in a test pool. By April 2012, they installed its first real conditions power plant (10KW) on 2 breakwaters in the Black Sea and collected data for power matrix. The devices performed above expectation on the often-harsh conditions of the Black Sea.

Breakthrough in 2016
A signed Power Purchase agreement was finalized with the Government of A E.U MEMBER STATE in 2014 and by 2016 we made an official opening of the plant (co-funded by the European Union) that will be expanded to provide 15% of all of that countries electricity needs. 

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