The Vision

Committed to creating universal access to liquid, real estate investment!

The Potential

Investors can have revenue generating opportunities with exciting profit potential.
Earn from multiple continuous income streams, which increase as the property portfolio grows, benefiting from low fees and guaranteed returns.

Who we are
Committed to driving innovation in the real estate industry

A digital real estate company offering liquid, accessible, property investment opportunities. Managed by a veteran team of industry leaders in the worlds of global real estate, finance and blockchain development. Our diversity of experience and expertise enables  us to exploit a deep well of knowledge relating to both the traditional property markets and the dynamic, emerging blockchain industry.

A key player in the European real estate investment arena which has a proven track record of yield maximization. With close ties to a leading company, it has enabled us to take advantage of this real estate giant’s extensive knowledge and strategic relationships built over more than a decade at the forefront of the property market.

The traditional real estate industry presents a number of challenges to investors. While it offers a lucrative opportunity for those with substantial capital, it is inaccessible to those with more modest sums to invest.

The property market is characterised by a lack of liquidity, which means that an investment cannot be readily converted to cash. Finding a buyer to purchase the property, then negotiating and finalizing contracts involves a number of intermediaries, including agents, banks and lawyers, making the process of liquidating real estate assets protracted and expensive.

Real estate can also present a risk to novices. Inexperienced investors are confronted with extremely complex, lengthy and costly purchase, maintenance and sale procedures and must become familiar with numerous processes relating to property tax, registration, renovation, and legal contracts to name a few. Additionally, some of the most exciting and attractive real estate investment prospects may be overseas, compounding the difficulty, and placing the best, revenue-generating, global opportunities beyond the scope of the inexperienced investor.

We have developed an end-to-end solution for digital real estate investment, as well as providing a safe-haven from market volatility.

By harnessing the stability and high potential ROI of the property market, while also taking advantage of the liquidity and cost effectiveness offered by digital currencies.

The Property Portfolio Model
Exit – Sell assets post-parcellation after 5 years
FFO – Guaranteed yearly yield
Rates Increase – Increase rent to market prices
Significantly increase occupancy rates
Strategic Investment – Strategically invest in renovations and capex
Financing – Conservative debt financing of 50% – 65% LTV
Fixed interest rates of approx. 2.5%
Acquisition – Purchase assets at gross rent yield of 7.5-9%


What are you waiting for?, Available December 2018

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