BUFF’s Prospects

Given that gaming is one of the largest industries, it seems that BUFF has already guaranteed its success, as it will integrate with most of the major gaming brands, including the top 10 most played games that have reached 1.4 billion users. However, much will depend on the team’s approach and the implementation of the steps stipulated in the roadmap. 

BUFF has recently partnered with Overwolf, a leading gaming developer of apps, including overlay apps. It has over 200 applications in its free App Store. The firm now runs a large gaming community that comprises 15 million monthly active users. Thus, BUFF is already in the right direction, as its loyalty system already integrates into Overwolf’s ecosystem.

After the ICO ends, a beta version of the platform will go live for six months. Then, in 2019, gamers can access all the features of the platform, which will also add more game brands. In 2020, the BUFF team plans to reach gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

The BUFF token price will depend on the supply/demand ratio after it gets launched. Investors will be able to convert BUFF to other tokens on crypto exchanges.

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